Chlorine Dioxide as ClO2 Drop Test Kit (0-1000ppm)

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Chlorine Dioxide Drop Test Kit (as CIO2) Low Range and High Range.


Chlorine Dioxide Drop Test Kit (as CIO2) Low Range and High Range.

How to use the Chlorine Dioxide Drop Test Kit

Use the syringe to transfer a volume of sample to the test jar according to expected range as outlined in the table below or for large samples use the graduations on the side of the titration bottle.

Add reagent CD01 in the quantity described according to the table below.

Add titrant CD02 or CDO3 one drop at a time, counting the number of drops required to observe the colour change of the end point see.

(LR:Colourless to pale blue HR:Colourless through yellow to blue/green)

Chlorine Dioxide Table

Multiply drops of titrant used X Factor (F) according to titrant and sample volume used.

Expected Range Sample Volume Titrant Drops CD01 Factor drops titrant X (F)
0.5 - 3.0 ppm 100ml CD02 15 0.1
2.5 - 7.5 ppm 40ml CD02 10 0.25
5.0 - 15.0 ppm 20ml CD02 5 0.50
10.0 - 30.0 ppm 10ml CD02 5 1.00
5.0 - 30 ppm 100ml CD03 20 1.0
25 - 75 ppm 40ml* CD03 12 2.5
50 - 150 ppm 20ml* CD03 10 5.0
100 - 300 ppm 10ml* CD03 10 10.0
200 - 600 ppm 5ml* CD03 10 20.0
400 - 1000+ ppm 2ml* CD03 10 50.0
* *Dilute HR chlorine dioxide samples to approx. 50ml with DI or tap water. Low range chlorine dioxide samples will rapidly degrade if subjected to UV, fluorescent or day light. Collect in a dark bottle if the test cannot be conducted at the point of collection. Test this sample within 5 minutes of collection.

Chlorine Dioxide End Point colours

  Colour from Colour to
End Point (CD02) Colourless Pale Blue
End Point (CD03) Colourless Yellow to Green (end point green)

With the low range tests, view through the side of the titration bottle towards a white background. Look carefully for the colour change to pale blue. The colour will darken on standing if the end point has been reached.

Chlorine Dioxide Drop Test Kit contains the following

One bottle of CD01 (65ml).
One bottle of CD02 (40gm).
One bottle of CD03 (65ml).
Graduated 250ml sample bottle.
Syringe (20ml).
Tripple lock carry case.