Calcium Hardness Drop Test Kit (as CaCO3)

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Calcium Hardness Drop Test Kit (as CaCO3)


Calcium Hardness Drop Test Kit (as CaCO3)

How to use the Calcium Hardness Drop Test Kit

Using the syringe, transfer a volume of sample to the test jar according to expected range as outlined in the table below.

Add RL-109 and RP-160 in the quantity described according sample volume (see table)

Add appropriate titrant one drop at a time, counting the number of drops required to observe the colour change of the end point. (PURPLE/RED TO PURE BLUE)

Multiply drops of titrant used X figure in column 6 (TH3) or 7 (TH4) according to sample volume used as in table below.

Deduct Factor X 0.5 from the result. (see last column)

(eg: If F = 10 AND 12 drops titrant used 12 x 10 – 5 = 115ppm)

Calcium Hardness Table

Sample Volue Range TH3 Titrant Range TH4 Titrant Drops CH2 Scoops CH1P Titrant TH3 drops TH3 used X Titrant TH4 drops TH4 used X
40mls 5-15ppm 50-150 12 1 H/Scoop 0.5 5
20mls 10-30ppm 100-300 8 1 L/Scoop 1.0 10
10mls 20-60ppm 200-600 4 1/2 L/Scoop 2.0 20
5mls 40-120ppm 400-1200 2 1/4 L/Scoop 4.0 40

Calcium Hardness End Point colours

  Colour from Colour to
End Point Pink/purple Blue

Calcium Hardness Drop Test Kit contains the following

One bottle of CH2 (65ml).
One bottle of CH1P (40gm).
One bottle of TH3 (65ml).
One bottle of TH4 (65ml).
Graduated 250ml sample bottle.
Syringe (20ml).
Sample Spoon.
Instruction Sheet.
Tripple clip carry case.