Alkalinity Drop Test Kit (P,OH,TOTAL as CaCO3)

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Alkalinity Drop Test Kit Drop Test Kit (as P,OH,TOTAL as CaCO3)


Total Hardness Drop Test Kit (as P,OH,TOTAL as CaCO3)

How to use the Alkalinity drop test kit

Prepare sample as per general instructions and add reagents as detailed in the table below. Add titrant one drop at a time mixing between each addition until colour change observed.

Multiply drops of titrant used X Factor (F) according to titrant and sample volume used as in table below.

(eg: If Factor = 10 AND 12 drops titrant used  12 x 10 – 5 = 115ppm).


RL-101 (PA1)


RL-101, RL-105 (PA3)


RL-102 (TA4)


RL-110 (TA3) or RL-111 (PA2)

Alkalinity Table

Range TA3 Range PA2 Sample Drops PA1 Drops PA3 Drops TA4 Factor TA3 Factor PA2
50-150 200-500 40ml 15 8 15 5 20
100-300 400-1000 20ml 10 8 10 10 40
200-600 800-2000 10ml 6 8 6 20 80
400-1200 1600-4000 5ml 3 8 3 40 160

Alkalinity End Point colours

Test Colour from Colour to
P, OH Alk Pink White
Total Alk Blue Cream/Tan 

Alkalinity Drop Test Kit contains the following

One bottle of PA1(65ml).
One bottle of TA4 (65ml).
One bottle of PA3 (65ml).
One bottle of TA3 (65ml).
One bottle of PA2 (65ml).
Graduated 250ml sample bottle.
Syringe (20ml).
Tripple clip carry case.